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Student Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the tutor doesn't show up for our booked session?

You need to contact the tutor to discuss this, but of course you should be given a refund. We all have extenuating circumstances, but add this to your review if you get no satisfactory response.

How do I know if this tutor is a quality tutor?

View their reviews. Consider their qualifications and experience.

What if I can't make a booked session at the last minute for a very good reason?

You need to discuss this with your tutor. We all have extenuating circumstances and most tutors will be very accommodating. Within the period of notice agreed upon at the time of booking (48 hours) the decision will be up to your tutor.

Can I book a session for an entire school calendar year?

Yes, you can reserve a particular session for an extended period and only pay weekly.

What happens if I book extended sessions, then have to pull out?

You need to discuss this with your tutor. Each tutor will have different requirements in this circumstance, but if their terms are unreasonable, add this to your review.

Tutor Frequently Asked Questions

Am I considered to be working for Mirelion if I use this system?

No, Mirelion is simply a website desgined to connect you to your clients. 

How do I set my own fees?

You set your hourly rate when you set up your calendar of available tutoring sessions. 

Is this service really free for tutors to use?

Absolutely. Mirelion takes no fee at all from tutors. A small booking fee is added to the fee students pay - 1% or 50c, whichever is higher.

Can I have multiple students in any tutoring session?

Yes. When you set up your calendar of available tutoring sessions you set the maximum number of students for each session.

What happens if a student doesn't arrive for a booked session?

You will still be paid automatically if they have not given you 48 hrs notice. Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances that you need to consider. However, that will be a decision for you in discussion with your student.

Do I have to fill out all of the sections of the Tutor Profile to appear on Mirelion?

Yes. You won't appear in the list of tutors until all sections are complete including subjects and a photo.

Will just anyone be able to review my services? I am worried about mischievous/slanderous reviews.

Only your registered students will be able to review your services. Any inappropriate/offensive reviews will be removed. 

I tutor multiple subjects. Do I have to specify what subject a session is, or can students determine this?

You have the choice of specifying the subject for each session, or you can select an option which means the first student to book into that session determines the subject addressed.

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